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Hello, welcome and thank you for choosing the CrossFit Chamber, Perth’s 6th established Crossfit affiliate as of 2009.

The Crossfit Chamber strives not only to deliver the best methods for improving your training performance; but also improving your performance in life and fill you with confidence to tackle the daily tasks and challenges that you are constantly presented with.

As soon as you walk through the doors of The Chamber, you will notice how unique our culture is and the level of coaching is second to none. Experienced, approachable, professional, enthusiastic, positive, motivational and as passionate as you could possibly get. The coaches at The Chamber are here for you, a love for the job, a love for health and fitness and a love for helping people achieve. This is the difference. Head to our coaches profile page to meet the crew…...






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September 19, 2014 Le black lung

Main - WODFlexibility / MobilityKB psoas releaseBack SquatEvery 3 minutes for 4 rounds 8 x Back squats + Max Ring support hold *Start at 60 % 1rm for first work set *Increase load to 8RMMetcon (Time)4 Rounds for time : 10 x Chest 2 bar pull ups 15 x burpees run 200m

September 18, 2014 Kidlet Pidlet

Main - CrossFit KidsMetcon (Time)a) Bring Sally up : Goblet Squat : Light b) In Pairs 10 Rounds ...

September 18, 2014 Rockabilly bojam

Main - WOD (No Measure)Warm up : 5 Rounds : 20 seconds lat activation on rings or bar 20 seconds...

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