Chambassador of the Month: Kelvin!

  • Repping out for all the baby faced boys out there who are ahead of their time … with amazing vocabulary skills and quick wit… May’s Chambassador, up n coming coach and

    all round CrossFit enthusiast

    Kelvin Hall !

    Kelvin, you have come a long way mate, your passion and enthusiasm toward our great sport, and the Chamber community is infectious, and you display a maturity well beyond your years when in the box!

    It’s obvious the genuine interest and care you put into those who are around you in the gym, always looking to help, offer tips,  and support from the outskirts, all the makings of a fantastic leader and coach.

    Kelvin’s enthusiasm also shines through with his consistent early arrivals / late exits to classes

    working on weaknesses in spare time, expanding his knowledge wherever possible and shadowing in On-ramps classes to enhance his coaching experiences for the future.

    Kelvin you’re a favourite son around the box, we all love your genuine attributes toward the well being of others, you’re a constant laugh, we are sometimes amazed at what comes out of your mouth, but it all adds to this fantastic blend we have in The Chamber.

    You’re still a pup, but with the drive and passion you have instilled, you will go a long way in the athlete and coaching arena.

    Love having you in the box mate, keep being you, and be very proud of yourself and development.

     Coach Chad

    May 14th, 2012 | Chad | 7 Comments |

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  • Mands 05.14.2012

    Congratulations Kelv….You have come along way indeed!

    Well deserved Chambassador!

  • Well well Kelvin (Kelvinator)
    You have certainly transformed yourself – physically and mentally well deserved in my eyes

  • Well done Kelv – always great to WOD alongside you. You continually challenge yourself and strive to improve & it’s great to see your hard work paying off. And remember, if you can’t win the WOD you can always win the warm up!

  • Awesome Kelvin !!! Much deserved, You are always willing to give an encouraging word, and support. Onwards and upwards…

  • Bec

    Go Big Kelv! Dam straight you’ve come along way! :) The very beginning saw you a touch outta shape… its pays to reflect back sometimes and to give yourself some recognition and a pat on the back for how far you’ve come, you are FAR Fitter, FAR lighter and FAR healthier than when you first walked in the door, YOU have done that through hard work and dedication to your training as well as clean eating… when you go full circle the rewards and results can be pretty staggering as they are with you – and its still early days!!! Keep that good stuff coming champ :)

  • Congratulations Kelvin – well deserved!

  • Kelv, you have proven that improving yourself is a matter of changing old habits of your body and mind. Sometimes the mind is your toughest critic. You are a true champion who has made a difference to your life through health and fitness. When you have this you can tackle anything that life brings. Keep inspiring, I can see you love to do this in the Chamber. Well deserved !!

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