The Chamber Chronicle: May 2012

  • New Arrivals

    Matt Woods, Murray hall, Marcel Klien, Ryan Hunt, marley London, Danny Cremen, Kath Wayte and Sam Lovett are the latest fresh faced additions to the chamber, welcome aboard guys, stay positive and consistent and enjoy your new found results. 

    Upcoming Events for 2012

    Intra-Box big bash! Week 1

    The Chamber leg of the 2 week intra-club bash was a howling success! Outstanding performances by all of the competing athletes, great support over the course of the day, and everyone, who took part in the WODS, took their body to a new found level. A quick shout out to Eddie Beer for supplying the delicious lamb, and Tina Fenn who took charge of the barby like a Bawws.

    Thanks to everybody else for being there to support your Chamber team mates over the course of the day also. Looking forward know to wreaking havoc on the Mandurah box next week. Good luck guys and well done.

    Direct Debit System as of July 2012

    As the new financial year rolls over we will be making some minor changes to the current direct debit system, increasing its efficiency not only accounts wise, but primarily to allow the online booking system to be more user friendly ie: eliminating the lagging period between billing cycles that prevents bookings being made.

    Membership prices will remain the same annually, however after the transition has been made, payments will be made on the same day each month instead of 4 weekly, this then means you will be making 12 debits per year instead of the current 13 debits.

    A detailed explanation will be posted around the gym with ample time for you to query any issue you have with the change. New direct debit forms will have to be signed, however this time around  we will post the forms out with a paid return envelope to speed up the process. Again, your understanding is appreciated; the outcome is highly beneficial for all.

    Mind Body Online Class Bookings

    A friendly reminder that all class sessions you wish to attend must be booked, in advance, via the mind body class scheduling system. If you have to pull out of a booked session for any reason, please take the time to log in and cancel your session ahead of time, if worst comes to worst, a text message to me(Chad)  is ok and I will pull you out of the class if I am still at the gym.

    The 6am session, as we all know, is hotly contested, so please be extra diligent with your scheduling of this time slot, as there have been many cases of members put on the wait list, wanting to train, but miss a spot as another member has not cancelled their session.


    If your keen to work out to some different beats, please feel free to load up your ipod and crank the s*&t out of it during your WOD! My download capabilities are lacking and im possibly a bit behind the times, so we welcome any groovy tunes you choose to pick yourself up to while Woding.

    Winter Training Apparel

    A new batch of men’s fight shorts, woman’s crop tops, woman’s leggings and woman’s shorts are on the way to the box so keep the eyes peeled and git into the gear quick.

    CrossFit Kids

    Ten Pin bowling was a hoot! Thanks to flames for coming down to help and again, thanks to sergeant major Tina Fenn for taking the rains, telling the bowling alley how they should operate and keeping the chimps in close check. To the kids, thanks for a seriously fun day out, you made us all feel 14 again and I showed you how to eat like a caveman!

    The Saturday / Wednesday training schedule will be back to normal as of Wednesday May 9th @ 4.15pm

    If anyone is interested in coaching kids, I highly recommend attending a CrossFit level 1 cert, then booking for the Crossfit kid’s cert. We will be looking into expanding classes, and adding new age groups to the timetable, which requires more coaches and help in general! Amazingly fun, beneficial and highly rewarding.

     Olympic Lifting

    On the horizon will be pure O-Lifting sessions, we will cover technique, skill sets, progressions and assistance exercises in the classes, they will be open for the beginners, through to the top tier athletes of the Chamber. Obviously, finding room on the timetable is proving to be very challenging, we are endeavouring to do our best to make it work.

    Another massive month of training looms, keep up the hard work, keep pushing the limits, and keep achieving everyday!

     Coach Chad


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