Chambassador of the Month: Minda

  • I have been on the verge of crowning this person as Chambassedor for a few consecutive months now, and after her performance at The 2012 Primal Throwdown. She really did leave me with no choice. With great pleasure and pride, The CrossFit Chamber “Chambassedor” for the month of July is

    Minda “break foot” Penn

    Ok, so first up, I am going to touch on Minda’s primal throwdown performance for those of you who were unable to witness her determination, persistence and all round champion efforts.

    Too sum it up, Minda kicked butt! With 60 athletes in her beginners division, Minda’s Day 1 performance saw her finish within the top 10 and into the day 2 finals, already an impressive feat considering the standard of competition nowadays and it being Minda’s first comp.

    Then the highlight, day 2, WOD 2, we all witnessed a true display of Minda’s character and the side of CrossFit that separates us from other sports.

    The WOD
    AMRAP 15 minutes
    1 x rope climb
    14 ball toss
    9 Pull Ups

    Minda spent the entire 15 minute AMRAP learning to climb a rope, so so close to reaching her target however continuously falling agonisingly short!  But, she never gave up!

    Viewing this was amazing, thrown a daunting challenge, in front of a huge crowd, tripping, but always getting back up, Minda refused to walk away, instead persisting and willing herself to get up that rope, this is heart.

    Is not all about winning, but how you pick yourself up whenever knocked down? The entire crowed was captured in Minda’s battle.  You showed true heart Minda and we were all so proud to say that you are one of us, a true Chamberrian that won’t back down.

    Aside from this, we all just love you Minda, you  have a wonderful aura about you whenever in the box and around people!

    Making top 10 in WA’s biggest competition is a true testament to your training, you have achieved great things in the gym already and will continue to do so with your positive attitude and constant want and will to improve…… on everything!

    You’re awesome, keep smiling, and keep the champion attitude.

    On a side note….. Minda is now one Cray rope Climba!

    Well done and congratulations

    Coach Chad


    July 23rd, 2012 | Chad | 16 Comments |

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  • Belle 07.23.2012

    15 minutes of spirit and absolute heart! Wonderful effort and hard work getting to finals but that one WOD was the best of the day! Training with you is just the same, hard work and positive thoughts for everyone.

  • Minda P…….a true champ and an extremely worthy Chambassador. Aside from the rope climbing, there are a million reasons why you deserve this!!! I remember the first WOD you came in for and you were teamed with Kim and myself. You have literally murdered WODs since then. The Chamber is better off with people like you! Congratulations!!!!

  • So so well deserved Minda, always a joy to train with and a “good feel” person to be around.

  • Minda, Congratulaions !!!! A well deserved Chambassadore. You are such a positive happy person to be around. Whenever I see you, your always smiling or laughing. So proud of your amazing efforts at the Throwdown. Awsomeness at its best !!!

  • Two big thumbs up from me!!! Minda well earned, your efforts keep getting better, always a pleasure to WOD with you…
    ‘It’s just hard work paying off, right here and right now’

  • Minda you are amazing!! I still marvel at your enthusiasm and effort in training. You are continually seeking more info and refining your methods.I know little fluffy Addie is proud of her mamma too ;)

  • Congrats Minda…Much deserved :)

  • Minda- you are an amazing person and this is sooo well deserved. A true champion of spirit and heart that is demonstrated everytime you walk into the chamber. you are such an inspiration to me.

  • Well done Minda, very well deserved.

  • Awesome work Minda.

  • Mindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. so hot.. like sunrise!

  • What an outstanding Chambassador!!!!! Always to train with you – wear the crown with pride in all you have worked soooo hard to achieve!!!!!!!

  • Good job mate! You’re a machine!!!

  • Always determined, enthusiastic, feisty and fun. Minda – well done, proud of your efforts. You are always ready to try something new and to give it your best effort. Your best fan – your Mum!!

  • Minda – great effort on the rope climb. It motivates me to eventually be able to tackle it. Well done and well deserved Chambassador

  • “a true Chamberrian that won’t back down” love this! great job Minda! sorry i missed this epic show of heart. keep up the good work!

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