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Building Beyonces

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) Static Hip Opener B) B/S PREP : Bike, Step Up, RDL, Baby Walk 8 x EMOM C) Lateral Glute walksBS: Back SquatE2MOM x 9 Sets - WAVES 4-3-2-4-3-2-4-3-2 *Record heavy set of 2 2-X-1-1Accessory3 x Sets with Buddy : R4R 12 x B/B FR Reverse Lunges ( 6/6) Superset 30 [...]

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The CrossFit Chamber - Olympic WeightliftingPCJ: Power clean + Hang Clean + Jerk ComplexIn a 12 Minute Window ,build to a heavy set: 1 x Power Clean 1 x Hang Squat Clean 1 x Split JerkPCJ: Metcon (Weight)E2MOM x 3 sets: 3 x Power Clean and Split Jerks @ 80 % max complexBS: Back SquatE2MOM [...]

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The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) Rythm n Blues with T-Fillay B) DBALL PlayWOD: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)ENGINE WORK: In teams of 2 : AMRAP in 20 Minutes 80 x Cal Row 40 x Box Jump Overs 24/20" 20 x Deadball Over Shoulder 55/35kg Row : Shared however BJ : Shared However DB : [...]

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Chesticle Tuesday

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) Ass bike / Ski erg intervals B) KB half kneeling press, glute walks, push up playSkill: Metcon (No Measure)3 Sets for Quality 8-10 x Tempo Push Ups - 2 count down REST 8-10 x Single arm D/B Push Press P/side REST 30-45 Second Ring Push Up support REST * Movement [...]

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Death by clean swings

The CrossFit Chamber - WODHPC: Hang Power CleanHPC Waves - With Pause E90's x 9 Sets 5-4-3-5-4-3-5-4-3 *No Rebounds *Record heavy .. ish triple for the day *Option Hanh P/SnatchWOD: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)Every minute on the minute untill failure: Minute 1 : 1 x Power Clean 50/ 35kg Minute 2 : 2 [...]

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Shaka Zulu

The CrossFit Chamber - WODMetcon (Time)Shaka Zulu 30 Mins to complete in pairs: Buy in 100 cal Row share reps then... 25 synchro medball sit ups -20/14 lbs 10 burpees ( share) 50 cal row (share) 20 burpees 40 cal row 30 burpees 30 cal row 40 burpees 20 cal row 50 burpees 10 cal [...]

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Frontal Frenzy

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWOD: Metcon (Time)In teams of 2 For time Buy in : 3 x 200m sprints each THEN 50 x Lateral burpees over bar 50 x Front Squats 52.5/35kg 50 x Box Jump Overs 24/20" 50 x Front Squats 52.5/35kg 50 x Lateral Burpees over bar THEN Cash out : 3 x [...]

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Friday Feelzzz

The CrossFit Chamber - Friday FeelzzzDeadlift (1x1)In Pairs: E2MOM x10 (20mins) Work to a heavy triple Set 1-3 : 7 Reps increase load Set 4-6: 5 Reps increase load Set 7-10: 3 Reps increase to maxDips (10 sets of 'x' reps)Super Set with Deadlift 3-5 reps with tempo 32X1 On boxesPull-ups (5 x 'X' reps)10 [...]

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Pump up the Jam

The CrossFit Chamber - WODTEST: Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)FBB UPPER Strict / DB "Lynne" EVERY 3 Minutes x 5 sets 10 x DB Bench Press AHAP Superset Max set strict pull ups - minimum of 6/3 or substitute for ring rows *Record Total reps strict pull up/ ring rowsWOD: Metcon (Time)9-15-21 reps for time KB [...]

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The CrossFit Chamber - Olympic WeightliftingWarm-upA) Loaded carries B) Barbell Tech : Snatch / Power SnatchHS: Hang SnatchA) E90’s x 4 sets (Keep same load) 3 Position snatch - Above knee - Below knee - Floor B) E90’s x 4 Sets (Keep same load) 2 x Position Snatch Above Knee, Below knee C ) E90’s [...]

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