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Chamber Chronicle : November 2017

NEW ARRIVALS Aimee Jones, Alex Cerret, Chris Whiteley, Daniel Pascoe, Dave Frawley, Eddo Hine, Jenn Battley, Kate Biondi, Lawrence Franks, Liz Halloran, Lucia Clayton, Philipp Sartisson, Stephen Elliott, Zoe Cooper plus, a for the legendary Crossfit kids – Kenzie Marian and Chloe Bertram. AREUOK DAY – WRAP UP A massive thank you is well and [...]

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Strong is Strong

The CrossFit Chamber - WOD*If doing OLY - dont double upWarm-upA) Run B) Extended hip Flow + trunk stability C) Extended Glute prep / Single leg stabilityBS: Back Squat (5RM)Today we build to a 5 Rep max, followed by 2 x back off sets. As always ROM is of priority, no need to over step [...]

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The CrossFit Chamber - Olympic WeightliftingWarm-upA) Gym Length Flow + Glutes B) Barbell Tech clean and JerkCJ: Clean and JerkE90’s x 7 Sets: 1 x Power Clean and Jerk *Build to max – No misses – not an all-time max out but a max for the day!CJ: Clean and JerkE2.00 x 3 Sets 3 x [...]

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Popped eye

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) Upper body flow and prep for HSPU's B) Play time in prep for EMOMGymnasticsEvery 90 Seconds x 5 Sets # Strict HSPU # Kipping HSPU # Strict / Kipping 1 x ab mat 1 x Wall Walk to best position + 20 Second hold *After each set , perform 5 [...]

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The Grind

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) Banded Hips / Banded Lats double MOB B) 5 Min heart starter - burpee EMOM C) 5 Mins row tech points of performance On drive : Legs / Hips / Arms On recovery : Arms / Hips / Legs ( knees )WOD: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)In teams of [...]

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Bulk Hogan

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) 5 x 30/30 Cardio of choice B) T2B Progression mixed with hip flow C) Barbell complex breakdownLIFT: Metcon (Weight)E90's x 7 - Build to max 3 x Deadlifts 2 x Hang Power Cleans 1 x S2OH ( PP / PJ ) Option : 3 x S/G Deadlift 2 x Hang [...]

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SUNDAY FUNDAY simple pleasures

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWOD: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)SUNDAY FUNDAY - Old School Conditionong 101 In teams of 3 AMRAP in 27 Minutes Row 500m/420m Bike 25/17 Calories ( 90’second cap ) Run 400m 1 For 1 For 1 No hiding hear folks, just fitness gainz , dont be scared homies hehe

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Crossfit 101

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWOD: Metcon (Time)In Teams of 2 - 27 minutes to get as far as possible Buy In : 75/50 x Pull Ups Then 20 Rounds of ( 10 each alternating ) 12 x Wall Balls 9/6kg 8 x Burpees Cash Out : 75/50 x Pull Ups Pull up - shared as [...]

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Strong is the new sexy

The CrossFit Chamber - Friday FeelzzzMetcon (Time)Strong is the new sexy In Pairs From 0-20 mins Weightlifting Complex Every 2 mins for 10 rounds, work up to max for complex: 1 Power Clean (floor) 1 Tng Full Clean 1 Hang Clean Rest 20-25 mins From 25-35 Conditioning Workout From 10-1 – In Pairs Power cleans [...]

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Bomb Diggity open WOD

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) Kelbs / Liam flow - MU prep B) Power Clean techGymnasticsMuscle Up Play Every 90 Seconds x 7 Sets : A) Kipping Muscle Up B) Muscle up transition - from floor or box - into dip ( Must have dip) C) 5-8 x Ring Rows + 5 - 8 x [...]

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