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The CrossFit Chamber - WODView Public WhiteboardWOD: Metcon (Calories)In Teams of 6 30 minute AMRAP Max Cal Ski ( 15 Minutes ) Max Cal Bike ( 15 Minutes ) Half team start ski / half bike / * Swap at 15 minute mark *Every 3 Minutes ALL team members are to stop and perform 10 [...]

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Satdee Breathing….

The CrossFit Chamber - WODSPICEView Public WhiteboardWOD: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)In teams of 2 AMRAP in 22 Minutes: 20 x Air Squats 15/12 x Calorie row 10 x Dumbell Push Press 22.5/15kg 5 x Lateral Burpee Over rower REST 3 MINUTES FINISHER : TABATA Linked foot AB MAT SIT UPS Passing Wall Ball [...]

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Friday Feelz

The CrossFit Chamber - Friday FeelzzzView Public WhiteboardWarm-upA) 10 x forward shuttles 5 x Lateral Shuffles 5 x Forward Shuffles 5 x Lateral Shuffles B) 3 Sets of: 10 x Scap Pull ups 10 x Shoulder taps plus push up 10 x Lateral Glut walks P/sideLYNNE: Lynne (AMRAP - Reps)5 Rounds for Max Reps of: [...]

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Chamber Chronicle : April 2018

NEW ARRIVALS A big Chamber welcome goes out to this lot. Make sure you get around them crew and make them feel as welcome as you do now. Can be a game changer for a fresh face! Benji Spencer, Brentan Ellison, Georgia kirby, James Connelly, Justin Tait ply, the triumphant return of a handful of [...]

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Old school Fridays

The CrossFit Chamber - WODView Public WhiteboardWarm-upA) 5 Minute "Perfect Stretch" Hip / T spine flow B) 3 Sets of : 5 x Scap Pull Ups + 5 x Kip Swings 20m x Burpee Broad Jump 10m x Lateral Banded monster walks per legGymnasticsE3MOM x 4 Sets : With a buddy R4R 5 x Strict [...]

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The CrossFit Chamber - Olympic WeightliftingView Public WhiteboardWarm-upA) Gym length flow B) P/Snatch TechSGPP: Snatch Grip Push Press E2MOM x 3 Sets: Speed Focus 1 x BTN SG Strict Press Plus 5 x BTN SG Push Press *Pause at bottom of dip *Pause in best receiving position *Build load - sub maximalPS: Power Snatch 15 [...]

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Lactic Fantastic

The CrossFit Chamber - WODCant wait to sink my teeth into this puppy... partner # 2... I feel for you heheheView Public WhiteboardWarm-upA) Banded Hips x 2 Minutes B) Banded Lats x 2 Minutes C) 3 Sets: 5 x Inch Worm walk outs + 10 x Alt Scorpions + 10m Lateral Glut walksWOD: Metcon (Distance)FLUSH [...]

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le Black Lung

The CrossFit Chamber - WODMoving light loads, long distances , quickly = SPICE. It dont have to be light to be effective,. Lets see what you are made of pushing the pace with l,light weight and less rest ....View Public WhiteboardWarm-upA) Coach Jenn Johnsssson taking the R and B wheel for a drive B) Barbell [...]

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Teamwork makes the dream work

The CrossFit Chamber - WODA nice team clean out sprinkled with some gymnasty skill to compliment the the strongman gainz of yesterday. Share all reps and distances as pleased , whatever you do, keep the team moving !View Public WhiteboardWarm-upA) 400m Team Run B) ROTATING EMOM 9 MINUTES ( 30/30 ) Station 1: 30 Second [...]

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Farm Strong Monday

The CrossFit Chamber - WODOne of my all time favorite sessions this puppy. Its always refreshing to replace the barbells and kettle bells with some strong man implements. This session may look like not to much on paper.... we all know what that means though.... Some advice on how to attack this : Dont treat [...]

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