• Easter-bunny-muscle

    Saturday 19th : Egg beater

    April 18th, 2014 | WODs | Chad | No Comments

    In teams of 2, complete the following workout for time in relay fashion ( 1 partner works, 1 rests, swap ).
    10 x 100m hill sprints carrying wall / dead ball used in WOD – ( 5 each )
    once 10 rounds are complete, you and your partner are to complete:
    160 wall balls
    120 swings
    80 Burpees
    You and your [...]

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  • youtube-for-ios-app-icon-full-size

    Easter Saturday Easter promo WOD

    April 18th, 2014 | Announcements-Crucial, Special Events | Chad | No Comments


    Ok folks, this is getting more awesome by the minute, we will now be undertaking a worldwide first, our Saturday class will be streamed online via youtube. Yup, from start to finish, you will be famous for approximately 1 hour. Big thanks goes out to Brucy for being a legend and multimedia whizz bang and [...]

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  • DSC_1911

    Thursday 17th : Bunson Burnholio

    April 16th, 2014 | WODs | Chad | No Comments

    a) Mobility : Banded super couch
    b) With a 10 minute cap, find a max load:
    Power Snatch with a deliberate 3 count pause at mid hang ( just above knee cap)
    *Put added focus in the pull from ground to the pause hang position, push knees back hard, maintain back angle, keep shoulder’s in front of bar [...]

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  • _MG_0053 (Small) (2)

    Wednesday 16th : Humpday Hummer

    April 15th, 2014 | WODs | Chad | No Comments

    a) Mobility : Banded lat distraction
    b) EMOM 10 minutes alternating 5 (sets of each ) :
    Odd : Max effort toes 2 bar
    Even : Max effort perfect push up : No pausing at top / bottom, Chest to deck, thighs off floor, full lock out at top of movement
    * No gaming on these EMOM’s go to absolute fatigue each [...]

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  • jayden boys cindy 011

    RESULTS – Formation of la booty

    April 15th, 2014 | RESULTS | Chad | No Comments

    Well done young bull Jayden boys taking the cake today! Lookout primal.

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