The Chamber is one of the original crop of Perth based affiliates, we believe that harnessing the original values of Crossfit is just as important as the training that goes down in our box.

One of the most prominent and valuable features of The Crossfit Chamber is how much we embrace the community atmosphere and make each and every person feel genuinely welcome whether it be a complete beginner or a now crossfit veteran.

In our time as an affiliate, we have seen many changes in the evolution of Crossfit, but as you can see below in the pictures, our efforts to maintain a tight nipped and fun community remain successful and growing stronger.

Birthday dress up workouts and celebrations, fundraisers, in house competitions, the list goes on, we will always match the hard work the goes in with plenty of fun to keep the atmosphere fresh and always exciting.

One thing is for sure is that you are not just another person; you will be exposed to so much more than just a workout, and you will be included in one of the most amazing communities going, come down and see for yourself.