Crossfit ?

  • What we do

    We will have you run, jump, throw, and use your own bodyweight as resistance, some days; you may lift barbells, dumb bells or kettle bells.  We could have you clean, snatch, press, squat, handstand, row and ride. Other days… you may skip, hop, lunge and rope climb.

    As you can see, we do allot, and you will continually learn and be challenged with new movements and variations, this is what provides you with the stimulus of positive change. The programme is designed to be constantly varied, however, not at all random. What does this mean??? The programme is written to continually test you and to deliver you results. Your results are by no means a fluke, they are however earned.

    Our results are constantly measured, meaning every workout has a purpose, every workout is recorded and every workout plays a role in achieving your goals.

    How we do it?

    Our workouts can be scaled. What does this mean? We understand everyone is different, different fitness levels, different ages, different limitations, and different capabilities. Don’t let this stop you, leave the thinking up to the coaches, this is our passion and we are here to help, the worst thing you could possibly do is let this phrase win : “I’m just going to get a little bit fitter before I join your gym”. Do not wait, this will not get you results, we understand the hesitation, and we will always make sure the workout is relative to your current level of health and fitness, this is our job.

    What else we do, the non fitness side:

    We have fun! This is the difference. Yes, we will train you hard, some days during your workout; you will say to yourself “why am I doing this”? When it’s all over and your laughing with your mates in a puddle of sweat, this negative self talk is soon forgotten, you’re doing this because you deserve this.

    The community we have is completely unique.

    The amount of support and camaraderie is unheard of outside of a football or netball team, but now, it’s at your finger tips