The CrossFit Chamber – WOD

One of my all time favorite sessions this puppy. Its always refreshing to replace the barbells and kettle bells with some strong man implements. This session may look like not to much on paper…. we all know what that means though….

Some advice on how to attack this : Dont treat it as a heavy volume day. Its not a cardio session / chipper WOD. If you want maximum return , utilize maximum rest to have plenty in the tank for your top load on each movement

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A) Bike / Ski 5 x 30/30

B) Stationary Perfect stretch complex

C) Demo all movements

SLED: Sled Push

20m max load prowler push
*12 Minute cap

*20m effort mus be “unbroken”

*Sled weight = 35kg

*Maximum of 5 attempts ( Start at reasonably challenging load )

FC: Farmer’s Carry

*12 Minute cap

*15m effort must be ” Unbroken ”

*Boys handles = 35kg P/handle

*Girls Handles = 25kg P/handle

*Maximum of 5 attempts

FRL: Front Rack lunge – Walking

15m Walking Front rack lunge
*12 Minute cap

*15m effort must be “Unbroken”

*Boys use 20kg BB / Girls 15kg BB

*Maximum of 5 attempts – preferably 4