Chamber Rules

  • The Crossfit Chamber prides itself on providing a community for like minded people who enjoy the physical challenge of competing against themselves by training to the upmost of our ability.

    To make the Chamber a great place for everyone, we ask that you please take a moment to look over our rules. We are only here to serve you and help you with your training, and as a community we can all prosper with just a few simple rules in place.

    1. Booking Sessions Online

    Please book your sessions online, otherwise you may miss out on the WOD. We’d like to see this process in place so that we meet your expectations of being able to have you in a workout when you want. We’re not in a position to offer drop in workouts like a typical generic gym, so please book online here.

    2. Arriving Attentively

    Arriving to class on time is essential if we are all to achieve the desired outcome of each session. Obviously, if circumstance prevents, then the odd late joining is acceptable. However, if you are consistantly late to class it is disrespectful to the other athletes, and everyone’s session will lack important elements due to the time shortage.

    Keep in mind that the class includes much more than just a WOD.  We also cover off:

    • Comprehensive warm up / skill set to prepare the body for the workload ahead of us
    • Setting up weights / bars / bands / boxes etc. for the WOD
    • Cool down and stretch to prevent injury and increase recovery time

    As you can see, we have alote to accomplish during a session to maximise the benefits of a CrossFit WOD so don’t take it personally if we kindly advise it’s too late for you to join in if we have already started. If you find you’re struggling to arrive on time, set your clocks 10 minutes behind!

    3. Support, but don’t Coach

    Whilst we wan’t everyone to get in there and have a go by supporting the people around you, if you feel someone’s technique isn’t quite right ask the coach to review it. Unless you’re as qualified as the coach you probably shouldn’t be handing out coaching advice

    4. Respect the Equipment

    We understand that the Crossfit Chamber is not like your normal gym,  dropping weights is fine, making noise is encouraged,  however, you must take into account that the equipment offers a huge aid in you reaching your goals- If equipment gets damaged or broken, limitations can be put on workout structure and programming.

    Dropping weights is unavoidable at times, but not always necessary. We are not asking you to caress the wights to the ground, but to take into account the safety of the athletes around you aswell as the longevity of the equipment. So just be aware of your surroundings and keep it safe.

    5. Egos aren’t welcome Here

    At the CrossFit Chamber, our goal is to build a driven and supportive community. You are not competing against the other athletes; you are training to better yourself. Keep this in mind throughout each and every workout, If you take short cuts- partial reps, not running the full distance or undercounting rounds, you may get the best time on the whiteboard for the day, but really, your cheating yourself.
    Take note of this when making a weight selection for a workout, we all start at the same place, but if you show patients and commitment, if you remain  true to yourself and your fellow athletes, only good things can eventuate with the hard work.

    6. The Nitty Gritty

    A few minor things to be aware of, and if followed, will maintain a happy , growing and safe CrossFit Chamber community.

    • The WOD is on the board- now set up your workout accordingly! If you need help with scaling, ask your coach. Time is precious so be efficient.
    • Pack up all used equipment in a neat and tidy manner exactly where you picked it up from, where all capable of looking after ourselves- this is not the job of the coach.
    • If you are taping hands for a workout, tape up  as soon as you enter the gym, to much time is wasted fiddling with scissors and tape.
    • Chalk hands in the chalk buckets, chalk will fly, its unavoidable, but picking up chunks of chalk in the cracks of rubber mats is avoidable.
    • Take home what you bring to the gym ie: water bottles, towels, socks. We have an ever expanded lost property bin but would rather not.
    • We love having you hang around after a workout for a gas bag, this is a part of the community we whish to grow and encourage,  as long as you are not distracting  the following class or demanding the coaches attention, your good to gas bag.

    7. Questions?

    If you have any questions about our rules, please feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss them with you.

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