The CrossFit Chamber – WOD

Its been a big couple of days legends. Today we open up the lungs a little, clean out the legs a little and breath some old school fitness.

Simple works, get in and enjoy the streets of belmont x


A) Banded Hips x 2 Minutes

B) Inside Run based warm up

*Really get the HR up

C) Glutes

WOD: Metcon (Time)

Run Session

In Teams of 2 : 1 Work, 1 Rest

200m Run each

100m KB Farmers Carry ( In Gym ) 20/12kg – Each

400m Run – Each

80m KB Front Rack Carry ( In Gym ) – 20/12kg- Each

800m Run – Each

60m Deadball Carry ( In gym ) 55/35kg – Each

400m Run – Each

80m KB Front rack Carry ( In Gym )

– Each

200m Run – Each

100m Farmers Carry ( In Gym ) – Each

2km Run total each

RX PLUS : 24/16kg

*Note : KB / Deadball carries should be done at a load allowing for unbroken runs. Dont put the hero pants on and stop every 20m pls x