Chad Johnson
Chad JohnsonChief of The CrossFit Chamber
If you are thinking about improving your physical health and body confidence via regular CrossFit workouts, you need a trainer who is as passionate about your long-term goals as you are. Thankfully, no one in Perth is more passionate about CrossFit training than Chad Johnson.

Establishing Perth’s one and only CrossFit Chamber in 2009, Chad himself gravitated towards regular CrossFit workouts and exercise after a 4-year stint working in the off-shore oil industry. Already passionate about personal fitness thanks to past personal training experience, Chad was blown away by the sense of community inspired by group CrossFit workouts after attending his first CrossFit seminar in early 2009.

Since this time, Chad has succeeded in establishing Perth’s 6th CrossFit affiliate – The Crossfit Chamber. Located on 135 Francisco Street Belmont, Chad and his personally handpicked coaches are committed to helping others realize the physical and emotional health benefits of regular CrossFit workouts and training.

It doesn’t matter what your existing level of fitness is. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or whether you are male or female. – It doesn’t even matter if you have never attended a CrossFit training program (or similar) previously. All that matters to Chad and his team, is that when you arrive at The Crossfit Chamber, you immediately feel like you are part of a community where everyone will always feel 100% welcome.

As well as his son Archie, The Chamber is his personal (and professional) pride and joy. Even better, because of the contagious enthusiasm which Chad and his team have for their CrossFit training program, the Chamber itself is currently bracing for its 4th big expansion in just 8-years. The only question is, are you ready to benefit from the highest quality training and professional experience that the CrossFit industry has to offer?

Jenn Tufilli
Jenn TufilliCoach
After competing in fitness/sports model competitions and spending years going to a Globo gym, Coach Jenn was bored out of her brain with the same old routine and was just looking for a change.
A good friend of Jenn’s managed to coax her to go in for a free trial session at The CrossFit Chamber and from that day on (over 6 years ago,) she hasn’t looked back! Within a few months, Jenn had completed her Level 1 CrossFit Certificate and was ready to not only participate in CrossFit but to be a CrossFit coach.
Coaching at the CrossFit Chamber hasn’t ever felt like a job to Jenn, she says she coaches because she enjoys every minute of it. Jenn quotes “I love working with great people who come in and bring a positive vibe each and every day. I also love being able to help people reach new goals and fitness levels. Seeing those I coach achieve goals that they never thought possible makes what I do just that little bit more rewarding”
Over the past 6 years Coach Jenn’s CrossFit training has had its ups and downs. Notably, one of the highs was continuing to train throughout her pregnancy. Of course Jenn made sure she tapered her training to suit the needs of herself and her baby, but pregnancy wasn’t going to stop Jenn from doing what she loved. After having Archie in 2016 getting back into crossfit training wasn’t as easy as Jenn thought it was going to be. It was a slow and long progression back to her previous level and ability but she pushed on as The CrossFit Chamber was where Jenn could zone out, feel good and enjoy time for herself.
The Crossfit Chamber is now a place not just for Jenn but for her little man Archie too. Coach Jenn firmly believes that CrossFit is not just all about fitness its also about fun, family and friends and that’s what sets it aside from the rest.
Kelby Smart
Kelby Smart Coach
Definitely one of our most adventurous CrossFit coaches, Kelby Smart traveled the world before starting regular CrossFit workouts. Originally from South Africa, Kelby is a professionally qualified Royal Yachting Sailing Instructor. Added to that, Kelby also holds several qualifications in canoe, kayaking, power boating, windsurfing and kiteboarding. These qualifications led to Kelby traveling the world prior to moving to Australia in 2009, where he has since developed just as much passion for CrossFit as he has for cycling and the open waves.

Moving to Australia specifically in order to study Cert 3 and 4 in fitness and personal training, Kelby discovered the benefits of CrossFit workouts and training during his time studying for his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Introduced to CrossFit by a manager at his work gym, Kelby quickly realized that CrossFit workouts were the No.1 way for people to get faster, stronger, and more ripped than ever.

First practicing CrossFit exercises which he found online, Coach Kelby eventually joined his first CrossFit gym and fell in love with the lifestyle and strong sense of community. In fact, Kelby started to feel so passionate about his personal CrossFit training program, that he eventually helped establish a gym from the ground up as head coach at CrossFit For Fitness.

Naturally passionate about health and fitness overall, Coach Kelby today is part of our incredible team of CrossFit coaches, each of whom strives every day to enhance the sense of passion, inclusion, and community at The CrossFit Chamber.

For Kelby in particular, every day at The CrossFit Chamber feels like catching up with friends and like-minded fitness enthusiasts rather than coming to work. Even better, Coach Kelby has been part of several gyms in the Perth and is always first to testify that The CossFit Chamber itself is easily the most welcoming and personally rewarding place to discover CrossFit in the Perth area.

Aidan Talijancich
Aidan TalijancichCoach
A childhood sports nut, Coach Tali had a particular love of basketball. Sadly, a series of unfortunate and untimely injuries put a stop to any dream of pursuing this further. Coach Tali realized that he could still achieve all of his personal fitness goals thanks to CrossFit exercises and regular CrossFit workouts, which then eventually led Coach Tali to The Crossfit Chamber in 2012.

The introduction of Crossfit was the catalyst in providing Coach Tali with a deeper understanding of the mobility and motor control required to move well, which assisted with his own injury rehabilitation. After discovering that CrossFit workouts provided Coach Tali with a kind of training intensity, variety and results impossible to replicate elsewhere, he was hooked.

A High School Teacher in Health, Physical Education and Health Sciences, Coach Tali has more recently changed professions after completing his Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. Combining his CrossFit coaching with his Occupational Therapy training, Aidan subsequently helps people recover from a wide variety of soft tissue damage related injuries. At the same time, Coach Tali helps keep people injury free during training, whilst also helping people who have suffered injuries previously, get back to doing what they enjoy as fast and as safely as possible.

Having achieved his Crossfit Level 1 Certification and Crossfit Movement and Mobility Certificate, Coach Tali regularly gives talks and seminars at our own and other CrossFit facilities. Even better, as part of the professional development of all our coaches at The CrossFit Chamber, Coach Tali routinely transfers his injury rehabilitation and mobility knowledge to his teammates. This way, all our coaches can oversee CrossFit workouts and CrossFit training program classes, which are always finely tuned to the individual wellbeing of each class participant.

Coach Tali brings incredible spirit and energy to The CrossFit Chamber and credits the incredible community of members as to what drives him to keep coming back for more. Coach Tali is always on hand to advise members on a variety of sports and mobility issues.

Liam de Jong
Liam de Jong Coach
CrossFit workouts by nature are heavily influenced by a wide variety of different sporting and exercise disciplines. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that CrossFit itself attracts followers from a variety of different training and exercise backgrounds.

Having first discovered CrossFit in 2012, Coach Liam is the perfect example of this trend. At the same time, Coach Liam is also an example of how the right CrossFit training program can help people develop better overall sports prowess, regardless of their main sporting or athletic interests.

An Aussie rules football and Muay Thai kickboxing enthusiast, Coach Liam first started incorporating CrossFit workouts into his regular training schedule in 2012. At first, Liam saw CrossFit as the perfect way to improve his physical strength, while simultaneously maintaining his pre-existing fitness levels. Very quickly, however, Liam began to realize that his new CrossFit training program was providing him with so much variety that he became an Unlimited Member of The CrossFit Chamber.

After incorporating CrossFit exercises into his daily training regimen for 4-years, Coach Liam finally decided in 2016, that it was time that he started helping others realize the mental and physical benefits of CrossFit.

Coach Liam has since then become an integral part of The CrossFit Chamber coaching family. Thanks to his naturally empathic personality, Liam finds helping others discover the physical health benefits of regular CrossFit workouts hugely personally rewarding.

The best part? Unlike in regimented and impersonal training environments, Liam has flourished in the fun and positivity driven atmosphere of The CrossFit Chamber. Liam knows that this makes our Chamber special and thus, is always on hand to make new members feel as welcome and as professionally supported as possible.

Lou Carey
Lou CareyCoach
Like many people who gravitate toward CrossFit workouts and training, Coach Lou Carey was an almost full-time gym and yoga junkie prior to discovering The Crossfit Chamber. The problem with Lou’s old gym and yoga regimen? While Lou was in good shape, she simply wasn’t feeling like she was being the best that she could be. Lou had been an elite rower up until her early 20’s, and regular gym classes simply weren’t helping her maintain her form, core strength, or upper body mobility.

Thankfully, Lou discovered our own Crossfit training program by accident while searching for gluten free meal ideas online. Even better, ever since incorporating CrossFit exercises into her regular training regimen, Lou hasn’t looked back.

With a professional background as a social and youth worker, it was perhaps natural that Lou would eventually feel inclined to start coaching CrossFit herself. On a professional level, Lou loves introducing people to CrossFit workouts which provide them with both variety and a brand-new set of personal fitness challenges.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science, Lou is currently complementing her level 3 and 4 fitness and personal training qualifications with current study centered on human biology and hopefully future physiotherapy. In the meantime, Lou is a passionate advocator of CrossFit exercises and training and takes great personal pride in The CrossFit Chamber community itself.

In her own words, Lou: “Loves working with people, especially young people, and being able to combine that with Crossfit is pretty special. Seeing the improvements over time is one of the most rewarding things.”

Of course, CrossFit workouts and training can seem intimidating at first, especially for people with no previous personal training experience. Thankfully, Coach Lou is an expert when it comes to finding the right cues to motivate new members and help them become just as passionate about CrossFit as she is.

Simone Irvine
Simone IrvineCoach
When Sim first became a primary school teacher, the last thing which she expected was to eventually change the world through high energy CrossFit workouts. In fact, Sim herself is a testament to just how completely CrossFit exercises and training can change a person’s life in the long-term.

First taking up a CrossFit training program in 2009, Sim still imagined then that the life which the world had mapped out for her was one centered on teaching. However, after taking up regular CrossFit classes with Jeremy “Rookie” Austin at Reebok CrossFit Gold Coast, Sim’s life quickly became all about promoting the benefits of CrossFit workouts to others as a CrossFit trainer herself.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Education, CF Level 1 Trainer’s Certificate, a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer’s Certificate, and various other certs such as CF Kids, Gymnastics, Judging, and Football certificates, Sim is passionate about literally everything health and fitness.

Having coached CrossFit Workouts since 2011, Sim excels at helping people of all ages rediscover their personal energy and physical vitality through CrossFit exercises. As part of her own CrossFit training program, Sim never leaves any of her class members behind. and is committed to promoting the sense of community which we strive to achieve at our CrossFit Chamber.

Just as passionate about Yoga and nutrition as she is CrossFit, Sim has recently embarked on her Vinyasa yoga teacher training journey. Even better, this is, something which Sim finds incredibly complimentary to the intensity of her daily CrossFit WOD addiction! In the meantime, Sims passions when not in the gym include great food, shoes & clothes, being with friends & family, and of course, helping others become part of Perth’s most inclusive and results driven CrossFit facility, The Crossfit Chamber.