The CrossFit Chamber – WOD

we will be doing a light bit of running / carry work to get the blood flowing and stretch things out before hitting our strict pull ups

Hands may be a little shady from toes 2 bar, yes, but due to the strict nature of the movement all should be ok. If your handsare in a state, work on ring rows potentially with feet elevated on a box

Or , if you feel beat up…. take a REST DAY / come in and stretch!!!!

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A) Kelbs / Jenn Run prep – HR up / hips loosened

B) Banded Glutes

W1: Metcon (Time)

Part A) Run / Carry Finisher Session

In Teams of 2 :

6 Rounds for time / 3 Rounds each

Run 400m

20m Deadball Belly Carry 55/35kg ( 10/10m )

RX PLUS : 65/45kg

Time cap : 15 minutes

*The run will get the blood flowing and the heavy dead ball carries loosen up the upper back structures / biceps. Will feel good after this


Pull Up Clusters : Buddy Up

Every 3 Minutes x 4 sets :

3 x Wide Grip Strict Pull up


3 x Shoulder width strict Pull up


3 x Narrow Grip Strict Pull Up

Rest 10

30 Second Push Up Support ( Angry Cat ) Use low rings if possible

REST Remainder of 3 minute block


A) 2 Reps of each / 1 Rep of each

B) Pause Banded ( Same Grips / Rest )

C) 5-5-5 Ring Row