A grand idea. a few garages.and a warehouse.
The Crossfit Chamber

The Crossfit Chamber first started like all successful businesses… with a grand idea, a garage, and a dream of success. Fast forward from years gone by to now and The Crossfit Chamber has really come of age, establishing itself as the best crossfit facility east of Perth. Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane and we’ll show you how it all began..

Victoria Park

Victoria Park saw Chad get to work with the “Backyard Basics”. The back of Chad’s place saw home to many arduous WODs for many first time Crossfitters. This was the beginnings of the community & team spirit that now flourishes throughout the Chamber every session.

Queens Park

A Serious Suburban Setup would be an understatement. Chad’s new house had one priority when it was built… provide the ultimate suburban workout area for all the Chamberians! With pull up bars, an especially raised roof and a tonne of equipment, QP really was the beggining of some serious training for the first Chamberians. With the Chamber picking up in attendance from mid 2010, it was time to look at bigger and better things!


Redcliffe is the pinnacle of The Chamber’s Phase 1 of becoming the best Crossfit establishment in Perth. In October 2010 Chad took the keys to the new premises, and with his army of friends and family began to build the ultimate crossfit experience. Rising from the ground up, The Chamber has come along way from an empty ex freight company office!

Francisco Street Belmont Move

With the move to our Francisco St complex we are are to give our Crossfitters a much better experience