The CrossFit Chamber – WOD

Today’s session is very much “corrective” and “balancing” based. Full of unilateral goodness at light load to reset the body and tackle some weaknesses.

Especially good for those hitting the open.

If you want the burn, we have cardio for you!

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A) Bike / Ski 5 x 30/30

B ) Banded Lats x 2 Minutes p side

C) Banded hips x 2 Minutes P side

D) Wrist prep


Stability 101:

A) E3MOM x 3 Sets :

10 x S/A KB Strict press + 20m overhead walk P/side

*Light weight – slow decent.

B)E3MOM x 3 Sets :

10 x S/L KB Kb Step Ups 20″ Box per side

*Hold KB’s in farmers grip

*Light weight / Body weight

*Slow decent

*Lead leg stays anchored for all 10 reps

C) Wrist / Front rack mobility ( In pairs )

30/30 for 6 Minutes

Hold Loaded barbell in front rack support @ approx 70 % 1RM

Core / Stability

Core Finisher : TABATA Hollow Hold

10 Seconds extended

10 Seconds tuck

10 second rest

CO: Metcon (4 Rounds for distance)

CARDIO OPTION: 36 minutes

TABATA ROW x 8 rounds


TABATA BIKE x 8 Rounds

Rest 2

TABATA SKI x 8 Rounds



Score equals total meters on row and ski

*Get started after warm up!

*Clean your sweat up!!!