The CrossFit Chamber – WOD

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A) 3 Rounds of

30 Second Reverse grip passive hang

30 Second scap push ups from plank

5 x Alternating perfect stretch lunges p/side – Jumping


C) 1 Round of WOD x 5 Reps :

5 x Push Ups

5 x Strict knee Raises

5 x Box Jumps

5 x KB Swings

5 x SA KB Overhead reverse lunges per arm

5 x Burpees

WOD: Metcon (Time)

For time : 22 Minute cap

50 x HR Push Ups

50 x Toes 2 Bar

50 x Box Jump Over 24/20″

50 x KB Swings 20/12kg

50 x KB SA Overhead reverse lunges 20/12kg( 25 per arm in sets of 5 )

50 x Burpees……

*Same KB must be used for swings and for lunges – proceed with caution

RX PLUS : HSPU / 24/16kg KB

Push Ups : worm

T2B : Kipping knee raise / V up / lemon squeeze / ab mat

Box Jump : Step Up

KB Swing : Reduce Load

Lunge : Reduce load / Front rack

Aim not to get bogged down on 1 particular movement. 300 reps in a workout is not a sprint… break up early to make up ground as you go.


Stretch Time