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Strong is Strong

The CrossFit Chamber - WOD*If doing OLY - dont double upWarm-upA) Run B) Extended hip Flow + trunk stability C) Extended Glute prep / Single leg stabilityBS: Back Squat (5RM)Today we build to a 5 [...]

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The CrossFit Chamber - Olympic WeightliftingWarm-upA) Gym Length Flow + Glutes B) Barbell Tech clean and JerkCJ: Clean and JerkE90’s x 7 Sets: 1 x Power Clean and Jerk *Build to max – No misses [...]

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Popped eye

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) Upper body flow and prep for HSPU's B) Play time in prep for EMOMGymnasticsEvery 90 Seconds x 5 Sets # Strict HSPU # Kipping HSPU # Strict / Kipping 1 [...]

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The Grind

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) Banded Hips / Banded Lats double MOB B) 5 Min heart starter - burpee EMOM C) 5 Mins row tech points of performance On drive : Legs / Hips / [...]

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Bulk Hogan

The CrossFit Chamber - WODWarm-upA) 5 x 30/30 Cardio of choice B) T2B Progression mixed with hip flow C) Barbell complex breakdownLIFT: Metcon (Weight)E90's x 7 - Build to max 3 x Deadlifts 2 x [...]

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